Ruth Westreich Behind the Lens and on Creativity

Finding Ourselves on Common Ground

This creative project by Ruth Westreich and Jan Phillips is a collection of work from two photographers who commit one week a year to seeing their world with thoughtful eyes. Reflections and poetry accompanies images from the Southwest, Northeast, Southeast and northern California. Buy the book here.

Winner of Nautilus Book Award 2014.

“Elegantly designed, breath-taking photos, captivating essays and poems. This book is a treasure!”

Two Views, One Vision
E-Book with Jan Phillips
and Ruth Westreich

Creativity Unzipped uses original research and scientific studies on human consciousness, mindfulness, and brain plasticity to illustrate the advances and transformations we are undergoing at this unique point in our evolution when humankind—for the first time in history—realizes it has a role to play in the preservation of the planet. This book is rooted in Rumi’s idea to “stop learning, start knowing.” It not only supports the harvesting of our personal experiences for the wisdom to be found there, but shows how people have done it and how they have benefitted. Buy the book here.

"This isn’t a self-help book. This is a self-liberating book."

“This book does for creativity what Joseph Campbell did for mythology.”

“The merger of art, creativity and healing has never been done better than in this book.”

Integrating Our Bodies, Minds and Spirits.

A unique tool for deepening self-awareness or evoking conversations.
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