When you create, you see everything as a possible creation.Designers are always thinking about design. Creators are creating. It is the sense of purpose in putting things together that create interest and beauty.

I have been designing and making jewelry for 40 plus years. Up until about ten years ago, jewelry designers were limited by the use of materials. Fabricating silver from flat sheets of silver is hard, dirty tedious work. I still do it with my rings, but when I found silver metal clay, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for myself and many other jewelry designers. The craft is in its infancy but my early teacher, Jonna Faulkner, is one of the most knowledgeable and talented designers I know of in metal clay jewelry.

The clay allows you to so many things that were not possible before if you were creating just one piece. It is a fascinating new area of jewelry making and the pieces are amazing.

Where do I get my ideas for creating one of a kind pieces of silver jewelry? Walking in nature is the catalyst that gets my creative juices pumping. The barks on trees fascinate me, and you will see many of my jewelry pieces that resemble barks. I look for and pick up twigs, leaves, moss and even dragon fly wings and butterfly wings that I take back to my studio to give me ideas for my next creation.