Ruth Westreich Art in Motion

Conversations of Consequence: Art as the Platform for Open Dialogue and Activism

In this video, presented by the Alliance for Natural Health-USA, Ruth Westreich explains how her recent body of work brings together voices and experts to open up dialogue and deep conscious thought about the environmental threats that undermine our health and the health of the planet.

The Non-Profit Institute, at University of San Diego

The Westreich Foundation is a supporter of the hands-on learning and programming for the Non-Profit Institute and the School of Education and Learning at USD. This institute serves as a model for practical academics that facilitate bold and meaningful changes in society.

Activist Art in Process

Learn how a creative process led to an entire series of art activism. This is the piece of art that inspired the entire series of art that is now on display at the University of San Diego, Non-Profit Institute and the School of Education and Learning.

Art Donations Bring Beauty and Joy to Life Sharing North

Life Sharing North is a nonprofit in Northern California where I gave an entire body of artwork. It makes a world of difference to the many people who work and enter the community spaces.

Ruth Westreich: Her Art, Philanthropy and Activism

Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine recognizes Ruth Westreich as a Changemaker in 2016.

Ruth Westreich: An Artist in the Flow of Creativity

See Ruth Westreich in her studio as she creates texture and flow in the body of work called Contemporary Abstracts.
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