Art transports me through time and space. Time is suspended and it becomes meaningless. The artistic process energizes me, balances me and and ignites the passion I feel in my soul every day as I create.It never matters to me how the piece finishes. It only matters to me how I feel, and what I experience when I am in the flow of creativity.

If I don’t paint for a long time, it is as if I have to start over again. Then after I paint a few pieces, each piece that is finished will inspire me to create the next piece. I take something from the last piece and incorporate it into the new piece. The more you paint, the more you want to paint.

The 10,000-hour rule applies to most endeavors we are trying to master. Anyone who has painted consistently over the years feels a command over their work. When you can’t figure out how to start, what to paint or are afraid to put down paint, you have not mastered your craft.

For me, one of the most important things in creating is knowing what all the different mediums do and how to apply them. Creating art is technique mastered plus imagination.

Painting should be fun and energizing. If you struggle through a piece only concerned with what you will end up with when the piece is completed, you are going about it wrong and missing the entire reason for creating.

My art mentor, Ron Pekar, who has been my art mentor for 30 years, told me that most artists get one good painting for about every 10 painted. I know that to be true. A good painting, paints itself. You feel as though you are just the instrument and are being guided and are truly in the ‘flow’.

Have fun! There is no bad art.